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 I have a question and am hoping someone can answer it!! The other day I made a malt flavor chocolate ganache that I was then going to use for truffles. The recipe called for both milk chocolate and  dark chocolate.  I used both accordingly but used 60% dark chocolate. The recipe also called for malted milk powder.  Being the beginner chocolatier that I am, I used the kind that carnation makes...was that wrong?! The final product did not have the strong flavor I was seeking and so I added more but still no strong flavor.  Any tips or suggestions on how to make again using better products or techniques?  much appreciated.  Thanks

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I just made some, too and, if you close your eyes and pretend, it could kinda sorta resemble malt but, not really. If any one out there can help us, please do! Thanks!

   I went through this recently and found a number of threads on EGullet.  Some people suggest that Horlick's is better than Carnation, so I tried it and still didn't get much flavor.  Still others suggest using CTL which you can find here but before I ordered that I read about barley malt syrup and since they sell it at Whole Foods, I went out and bought a jar.  Very much improved and probably about the best you can do.  I don't recall the brand and I'm not where I can check the jar now, but it's along with the honey, agave, and other sweeteners. 

Wow! Thanks so much, Deborah! I'll give it a try!
yes, thank you deborah.  I will search the web and local stores.. Let me know how you do susan, and i will do the same!!
If you want strong malt flavour, go to a home brew beer shop and buy malt powder and adjust your recipes with that.
I'll try that too, Tom. Thanks!
Tom, thats one advantage to living in a small town, there's always a bar around.  There is brewery too where  I will inquire  about the malt powder,... after of course,  having sampled it in a beer or two..

I still have yet to get the malted powder to make these truffles. I did call my local brewery who also referred me to merchants who sell products to make your own beer.  I am going to look online for the malted powder because I do not see myself traveling an hour to the next nearest big town in my area. I have been in no big hurry anyway because it has been raining and spring snowing here all month...but these truffles are definatley on my to do list.


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