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Hi folks

As a newbie, I have been making chocolates for the markets these last 2 years using cacao powder and cacao butter. But I like the darker, more bitter flavour of cacao liquor. I've had a go melting some but it is rather thick, despite adding cacao butter to the mix. Anyone know the proper ratios for liquor and cacao butter? Any other thoughts on powder v's liquor?

many thanks


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Hi Deborah,

I don't have an answer to the thickness issue of liquor question you ask. I too experimented with the liquor and added butter to thin it, and felt like I was ending up with too much butter and it was still thick. I went back to the powder. Perhaps the powder has a finer particle size?

I am writing you on some previous posts of yours about the coarseness of coconut sugar. My background is that I a newbie, just in the last month selling raw bars to markets.  I use raw cacao powder, add cacao butter and coconut sugar (which I currently grind first in a Magic Bullet) and mould them.  Last night I was researching coconut sugar and found some of your queries about sugar coarseness and the replies. I am curious as to what machinery you ended up getting that works best. Actually I am curious what you would do now about the coarseness of the coconut sugar given what you have learned since. I think I need to buy a conch, which if I understand the posts I have read here, will grind the sugar down as it does it's process. 

It's a wonderful  journey we are on, understanding cacao and it's mysteries!

Thank you,


Hi Mack

I too gave up on the liquor. I ended up increasing the powder and now it's yummier!

/I use coconut nectar not the sugar. It's less fiddly and mixes beautifully. I think I would have to grind the sugar in a mortar, or buy a conch as you mentioned. Don't have time for that!!

Yes, I too love this journey, I have so much to learn :)



Hi Deborah,

I missed your reply until today. Coconut nectar sounds like a perfect solution. Can you tell me where you buy it please?

Just as an experiment I made a small experimental batch using organic powdered cane sugar which had tapioca starch in it as an anti caking agent. The starch definitely thickened the chocolate, making it very hard to work with, but the mouthfeel was fabulous. I am optimistic the coconut nectar might have the smooth mouthfeel.

Thank you Deborah!

Hi again Deborah, one more question on the coconut nectar. Do you have any problem with moisture content in the sweetener?  Do you use it straight out of the bottle?

Thank you for sharing the journey!



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