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 I roasted 2lbs. of some nice Madagascar beans. Everything seemed went fine with the first roast, winnowing and the melanger process. I put the nibs into the melanger very slowly and they liquefied in relatively short order. I ran the melanger for 24 hours then added turbinado sugar and ran it for 12 more hrs. I could not temper it immediately after the melanger had done its job (family emergency) so I put plastic wrap on cookie sheets, poured the chocolate on the sheets to cool at room temperature. It looked and tasted great. I attempted to temper it the next day using a new rev V, which seemed to work fine. I poured the chocolate into new and carefully washed and dried  polycarbonate molds only to find most bars had bloom and I cannot get them out of the molds. I did not put them in the refrigerator to cool but I don't think that would have prevented the bloom. I would like to use the same chocolate and try to re-temper it but need advice as to what I may have done wrong and whether I can re-temper it and try again? 

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What temperatures did you set the tempering machine to? Assuming you didn't seed with tempered chocolate, you should be heating to 114F, cooling down to 81F, then warming back up to 89F before pouring into molds. Also, it helps if your molds are also warmed to 89F. I stick my molds in the freezer for a few minutes after pouring so the chocolate contracts for easy removal.

I was making dark chocolate and the Rev V has a preset or default temperature range of 108F to 88.7F. I guess I need to bump up the temperature on the high side and down on the low side. I will also warm up the molds. I did think it seemed to cool down almost too fast to spread easily in the molds. I'll use the freezer for a few minutes as well. Your good advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You didn't mention if you were making dark or milk for dark if I am not seeding with tempered chocolate I take mine up to 120 down to 84 and back up to 88.7 and I use a refer. the temperature of your work space is importance as is the humidity mine is 68degree with 45 % humidityor lower I don't warm my molds I put them by the exhaust fan if my delta temper hope this helps I am sure you will get more advice we have our own tricks you will to

I was making dark. Based on what both you and David are telling me, I need to make some temperature adjustments and warm up the molds and chill after filling them. I will also pay close attention to the humidity and crank up the dehumidifier to full tilt as I know it was in the 55% range. Thanks so much!

I had the same problem for months until I started putting all molds into the refrigerator. It sets too slowly otherwise, giving a chance for bloom. Don't worry, it will re-temper just fine, without bloom if you try again and just get it cooled off faster this time.

It took several hours for it to set up and and being a novice I did't think that was a problem however now I know and really appreciate your contribution to helping me get through this problem. I was out of town all weekend and really feeling bad about what had happened. Today I will re-temper and let you all know how it turns out. Thanks

Hi Jack. I do not know ANYTHING about the making chocolate. However I am learning a lot about using a tempering machine for my purchased chocolate. I purchased a Rev Delta in the spring of this year. I could not get anything to temper with the preset temps. The melting temps are too low for really high quality chocolate. You can reprogram the temps to what was suggested above. I actually take my melt temp to 115. Also, every batch that I had trouble with, I was able to then get into temper. Good luck.

Thanks for your advice and encouragement. I will be tweaking the temperature settings today and looking forward to a new and better outcome. What a wonderful group of people here helping me out!

Thanks again!

When you tempered, did you use seed chocolate?

I didn't use any seed chocolate. I am not sure in what situations that seed chocolate should be used. Can you help me with that?

Without seed you're going to have a really tough time getting anything to temper with these machines -- the machine will tell you when to add and remove the seed. Without that you won't get the beta crystals (or at least not enough of them in enough time) to properly temper the chocolate. "Seed" chocolate is just chocolate that is already tempered. Think of it like starter for making yogurt or sourdough bread. Do you have some already tempered chocolate that you can use as seed? If not, let me know and I can walk you through the basics of how to make seed from untempered chocolate...lots of fun!

; )


I'm going to take you up on your offer as I do not have any seed chocolate to use. 



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