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Hi all,

  My husband and I are working on starting a chocolate shop this fall.  We're looking at guitars and don't know which size-the 5mm base or the 7.5 mm base is best?  What do any of you have and why did you purchase that particular size?

Thanks for your help.

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I think it depends on several factors:
(1) if you want to go with molding, sizes of molds need to be considered.
(2) your packaging would be a factor as well if you use trays in boxes or specific size of cups.
(3) Of course, your price (and cost). Probably, 7.5 mm ones would be more expensive than 5 mm ones.
(4) Decoration can be a factor. What kind of transfersheet you use or pork designs, etc.
(5) I don't use an enrober yet, so I can't give you any comments on this but I assume this might be a considering point as well. If anyone uses an enrober, please share your thoughts.

Good luck with your new adventure!

I have a guitar made by Dedy in Germany. I am very happy with it. The base has 5 mm spacing. I like that it can accomodate the 25mm and 30mm size. The 22.5 mm size is too small a bon bon for me. Before I bought the Dedy, I bought the guitar with a plastic base and the multitude of frames. This guitar will get the job done; however, it was a real pain to clean so I sold it on ebay and immediately bought a stainless steel guitar which is much easier to clean. I hope this advice helps!

I have talked with several who tried to go cheaper and buy the plastic model and they ALL said don't do it.  I know there is a pretty big price difference, but I bought mine on Ebay second hand and got it for half price (looked like it was never used).


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