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I'm at the very early stages of working on a chocolate retail business  - chocolate bars and products to be sold in a non-US market. I was wondering what is the best (and lowest cost) way to find help in developing a logo and package design? Any assistance/direction will help.


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Hi Geetha,
I did all my initial design work on Excel and then found a grahic design house to tweek it and so on. They added a lot of design ideas that really helped without straying too far from my design brief so I was pleased with the result.
I would be more than willing to help since my wife and I both work in graphic design and print, aside from me making chocolates on the side. If not as Duffy said there are a lot of great software apps out there. I wouldn't use excel from a print perspective I would recommend, Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator but you should really know how to use them for the full spectrum and power that they have. Professionally I work in graphic design software and all I do all day is design and trouble/fix shoot designers work. Using off the shelf software or software not for design can be costly at the print stage if not done correctly, just an FYI as most print shops use standards like I mentioned for software.

Let me know if I can provide assistance or guidance.
Thank you Dirk and Duffy for your responses. Dirke, I might take you up on that offer. I'm thinking through the business's general identity and will reach out to you as my vision is crystallized. Thanks again.


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