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Looking to pick up some standardized and holiday tins for packaging this holiday season.  Searches are coming up a bit broad and some places we order bottles don't quite have anything that looks quality enough.

Any suggestions / recommendations?

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Are these the type of tins you're looking for Andy?


Not quite. We use Glerup for their hard boxes but those tins are a bit small. I need something I can fit a lb of toffee or dipped fruits in.  

Kind of like these guys:

But I was seeing if anyone had some good stories/reliability resources before I just started blind contacting.

Hi Andy-

I use Paper Mart in the LA area....They sell by both package and case, so you can always buy a smaller quantity to see if they work.   And they have a variety of different tins.


We use Holiday Tins for our popcorn tins. They sell a quality product. They are located in Texas and are very reliable and usually ship out the same day or the next day.  My sales rep is Carolyn Berry.

Thanks for the vote on e-holidaytins. We will check them out as they have a rather broad theme set.


Was just at the candy show and saw a company called Atlantic Tin...seemed like they had a lot of different options.

Good luck,


I have used both companies for popcorn cans, as well as smaller tins, silvertree seems to have slightly better pricing and some really nice designs. HolidayTins is definitely one stop shopping and their customer service is top notch. I did find that each has same size tins, but dimensions are different enough that cannot use same size insert from one company to the other.


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