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What are the things most start ups get so wrong ?

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Which aspect of the biz are you referring to?
Setting up a work space. I actually found the answer from Clay Gordon's reply in another discussion. Thank You for responding.
I think that cash flow is where most start-ups go wrong! We have all heard that Cash is King, but it never really sinks in until you start up your own business. Start-ups are faced with many problems and it is very easy to think that you have to throw money at a problem because there seems to be no other choice. Later down the line you realize that what you spent money on was not needed, didn't work, or not even in line with your business plan and that leaves you out of funds for the things you really need to operate your business on a DAILY BASIS. The best way to avoid these costly mistakes is to have an iron-clad sense of purpose, company image, and an operating plan that spells out where and when you will spend money in detail. None of this costs any money at all! Every mistake you make and every wasted dollar will likely come back to being fuzzy on one of the 3 things I stated. Basically do your homework and stick to your guns. As soon as you start compromising your plan, money (and time) will be wasted. Nothing is worse than spending all your money to make a sale and not having enough cash to actually buy the ingredients to make what was ordered! Yes that quite a bit more than most newbies think.
Agreed! Can only say that as I continue in my business, it is the everyday expenses that can get forgotten. I wrote my business plan with the help of the SBDC here in California. What an eye opener.
Very informative, t hank you this will help.


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