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I hope everyone is fairing well Pre-Valentine's Day and with the storm. I lost power briefly last week but am hoping for the best on Thursday!

My question:

In training a new employee, I ended up with some very thick bark. I'd like to reuse the chocolate-has anyone ever melted chocolate and removed the inclusions(in this case almonds and cashews?) I would only reuse the chocolate for Nut Barks but would like to not consider the chocolate wasted. Its too thick to use as samples. 

Any tips on how you have successfully done this appreciated. Additionally, any tips on how to encourage consistent Bark thickness also appreciated. 


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I would be worried about nut allergies as you would be using contaminated chocolate, not to mention you may get some flavour from the inclusions in the chocolate if you reuse it. I use a large cookie sheet (cheaper) to gauge the amount of chocolate in our bark but a pastry frame would do the trick too. Just an idea. Cheers

I would only reuse the chocolate for the same type of bark, specifically for this reason. I currently use 1/2 and full sheet pans. I have a specific amount of chocolate they are to put down but it is pooling in the middle. I don't know if they aren't banging enough when I'm not watching or if it is something else. 


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