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I have a Martellano guitar and after 4 years I broke 2 strings.Its been so long that I don't remember how to replace it. I sort of remember it being a bit counter intuitive. Any detailed description and or video would be appreciated.

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Oh, this is a pain. I have a Matfer Bourgeat...if it's anything like mine, then you're right about it being counterintuitive. On mine you first have to make the loop in the wire and then twist several times so it will stay put on the one screw it wraps around. On the other end, you have to first loosen the bolt on the bottom side of the frame that holds the tightening screw in place, then  (counterintuitively) turn the screw clockwise and down as far as possible. You then thread the other end of the wire through the screw and wrap a time or two  in the opposite direction so that the wire doesn't slip once you start tightening, then you turn the screw clockwise so it rises and increases the tension (tightens) up the wire. Once it's taught, you readjust a bolt on the bottom of the frame so that the tightening screw is held firmly in place. Does that make sense?
Groan....wish some had a video. Yes sort of makes sense, guess I just have to try it.
I feel your pain!  I have a Dedy and do all in my power to not break a wire!  I have found the best thing is not to let my husband do it:-)  He makes it really complicated and breaks more wire because he tries to tighten it too much.  Like Jeff says, you have to bend the end of the wire first.  Just look how the other wires are and don't tighten too much.


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