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I thought this would be a very easy thing to find but I've found waaaaay too many options out there.  Anyone have a scale they like using that the Agriculture dept likes checking and doesn't cost an arm and a chocolate leg?

Our product diversity and style is growing at such a clip we're pondering not just having prepackaged goods but more buy by weight.

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Sorry Andy, nothing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Hehe, true enough Christopher. A few brands and styles would be helpful. I'll work on ebay sniping or other auctions to find a deal over time.


What does an arm and a leg mean to you? In NY State, the scales need to be certified for use in commerce. I was able to get a computer scale, legal for trade, for a hair under $300 two years ago by walking into a shop down on the Bowery. If I could wait a couple of days for it to be shipped I could have saved some bucks.

Here's a resource for legal-for-trade scales (and all sorts of other kinds) that I found when doing my research for that purchase. The least expensive legal-for-trade scale is now just under $160. Expect to spend another $100 for a price computing scale. The one I got was in the CAS S200jr range.

I would not buy one of these things used because you have no idea if the accuracy has been compromised.

Nope those are all affordable Clay. I was finding ones that ranged in the $900+ range and I had to think there were some that were under that. Thanks for the suggestions and resource.


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