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hello all,

i'd love to get some feedback from those of you doing retail and using any software that maintains your recipe database and then develops the necessary ingredient list for labeling packages for collections. i've seen a number of programs out there and wondered if anyone could recommend one in particular.


i am small-time currently, so i don't need to do a nutrition label - just the ingredient list in descending weight order and allergy statement. but my collections vary frequently, so re-creating that list is cumbersome and tedious. thanks in advance for your thoughts! ALSO, i'd appreciate any negatives about software if you've bought it and hate it and wish you'd gotten something else. all info is helpful.


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Did you ever hear anything about this? I too am interested in this.

I've been using the info generator on


Pretty simple to use and all they require is that you leave the url on the label.

thanks for your input.

Really, appreciate you sharing this with us.  Many Thanks!

Yours in Spirit,

Julie Bolejack


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