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Hi all,

I'm planning on starting a small bean to bar company and am hoping to source directly from a family farm. I care about the well-being of the family and the economic and environmental sustainability of the production of the cacao. I'm more interested in building a relationship and learning directly from the farmers than specific certifications. And I'm not interested in working with a series of middlemen.

I've traveled throughout Latin America and hope to find our future high quality, fine flavor bean producers there. I speak Spanish and am willing to travel to build the relationship for the right family farm.

Please message me if you know where I can start my search or if you are the people I'm looking for!



Hola a todos,

Estoy al principio de comenzar una compañía de grano a barra y quiero conseguir los granos directamente de una finca familiar. Me importan el bienestar de la familia y la sostenibilidad económica y ambiental de la producción del cacao. Me interesa más levantar una relación y aprender directamente de la finca familiar que certificaciones específicas. No me interesa tratar con una serie de intermediarios.

He viajado por América Latina y espero encontrar nuestra finca familiar que produzca granos de sabor fino allí. Hablo español y estoy dispuesta a viajar para aumentar la relación por la finca familiar correcta.

Por favor, mándeme un mensaje si sabe donde debería comenzar mi búsqueda o si es usted la persona or la familia quien busco!



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You only want to source from one farm? What quantity are you thinking about? Are you planning on getting a shipping container? Which countries are you considering?

Hello Landen

My name is Joseph Meza, I have a bean to bar company in Mindo Ecuador and Dexter Michigan.  Right now I am in Ecuador and we work with an association of farmers that are looking for people like you.  We are trying to help the farmers get a better price for their beans.  I can get you in touch with them and you can purchase your beans directly from them and also have more control with the fermentation.  It would be best if you can come to Ecuador and meet them.

Let me know if you want to do this.


Landen, Perhaps you might consider using someone who already works with several farmers, and then develop your own relationships down the road. If you are looking for fine beans from Costa Rica, please send me a message. It will be a vintage crop this year! I look forward to hearing about your bean-to-bar plans. Cheers, -Piper

If you are interested in sustainability i can connect you to a Permaculture farm in Guatemala they only have Criollo beans on a medium scale and grow it in an agro-forestry with cardamom, coffee and some precious woods.

Let me know

Hi again,

I've loved connecting with each of you about your cocoa beans and I'm eager to get started! Yes, I want to come to Ecuador. Piper, I'm excited to make our first batch with the sample you sent me. And Harald, I love the idea of working with permaculture farms in Guatemala!

Now a question to those who import beans already - What are the regulations surrounding this? Do I need a license? Official FDA approval? Facility registration, etc.? Bottom line - what is required to legally import cocoa beans from another country?

Looking forward to some experienced advice on this!


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