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Hi all,

Trying to source the following...any suggestions are appreciated:

-Valrhona Drinking Chocolate in Bulk

-Dairy Free/Pareve Caramel(certified Kosher)

-Dairy Free/Pareve Toffee Squares(certified Kosher)

-Dairy Free Belgian White Chocolate(certified Kosher)



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If you find a dairy-free white chocolate let me know.  This is something that I didn't think anyone made.  I also am looking to do nut-free, dairy-free chocolates and have been having a really tough time finding a source that can guarentee nut/dairy-free.

Hot Cakes in Ballard, Seattle has an amazing dairy free caramel

that could work for you. Not sure if it's kosher, but some thing worth talking to their stellar head chef Autumn about.



Nat Bletter, PhD

Chocolate Flavormeister

Madre Chocolate   

I don't know of anyone that makes a dairy free
(pareve) Belgian white chocolate. I do use a compound white "chocolate" from a company called Shufra in NY for Pareve items. The white "chocolate" comes in 10 lb blocks. If you want the contact information or if you find a product made with cocoa butter let me know.


Because I am curious - how would one make a dairy free white chocolate or compound.  Isn't the milk powder essential in the formulation?





The dairy free version is made with pretty much just sugar and oils. It tastes nothing like the real thing but I only use it occasionally for stringing when I want another color.

I am at loss at how caramel or toffee or white chocolate can be dairy free, all contain milk products.

Hi Edward,

For both Kosher and Lactose allergies many "dairy" products can be found in a dairy free version. Obviously compound chocolate is an option, but what I am trying to find is the most "natural" versions. I am also hoping that if there are purer versions they are also produced by companies that honor fair trade practices. I'd like something of better quality than what can be found in your local arts and crafts store. There are vegan caramel/toffee companies but I haven't found any that are certified Kosher yet. 

Hope that explains...



Hi Jody,

I am having the same issue with finding Certified kosher and Pareve supplier, I am located in California and most of the product you can find them in New York, but for the caramel if it's syrup that you are looking for you can try or by phone at 714-744-3700  this company has a lot interesting products , natural, pareve, vegan and kosher under heart k.

I hope this will help you,if I found other stuff I will let you know, good luck to you



I am in NY.  What companies have you found that do Pareve chocolate?





Hi Julie and Jody


a friend of mine who just sold her chocolate store in NY told me that ther is many chocolate company who offers dairy free Kosher, for myself  I would like to find a distributor closer to me. But I have included 2 company who can help you with the pareve and they are kosher.
Let me know if  it worked for you, meanwhile if I hear of something else I will let you know.
My brother in law who is in Belguim in the Kosher Certified food industry is working on Bulk white  Pareve Chocolate and I will keep you posted if you wanted to.
For the white pareve
Oppenheimer Chocolates, U S A , Inc
544 Park Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205-1600 map
BBM Chocolate Distributors 
248 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY11205
United States

Hi there,

Try We are kosher OK and Pareve and vegan   white, semisweet and milkless milklike chocolate available. Real cocoa butter only- no compound.

Hi Yochy,

I saw your website can I have sample and wholesale pricing on the white Pareve chocolat I am located in Los Angeles you can email  me direct at

Thank you



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