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we've recently taken possession of a warehouse unit that we will be retro-fitting to function as our production facility.


we've got almost everything sorted, from floorplans to equipment selection, but i keep getting hung up of the storage of both finished product, and work in progress. modular fridge with adjustable thermostats for storing chocolate would be great, but they ain't cheap. we're leasing the space, and want to avoid the built-ins as much as possible, but i'm considering a purpose built room similar to a wine cellar - controlling for temperature ( 12C ) and humidity ( 50% ? ).


has anyone done something similar with some degree of success? our 'room' would be about 75ft2 / 750ft3.


appreciate your help.



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I have a room about 225 sqr ft (2,025 cubic feet) that I keep at ~17.8 C/64 F. It is cooled with a Daikin FTXS09DVJU 9,000 BTU ductless wall unit, with a Daikin RX09FVJU 13 seer outdoor condenser. This unit will only go down to 64 F (which is why I'm tempering only to that level). The rest of my production area is conventionally heated and cooled with a forced air system (which does not serve this area). I dehumidify with a portable dehumidifier. I have only been using this space for a bit over six months (December to date), but have seen it operate in cold and hot humid conditions and have been very satisfied with the system. I keep my stored chocolate in this space, as well as finished product. I also chill and work with ganache, and do some packaging here. The room has an Eliason insulated stainless steel swinging door dividing it from the "hot" kitchen. I'd be happy to share additional details if you have questions.

All the best,



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