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I am just getting started and go through maybe even on a busy weekend 5lbs of chocolate. Mostly because I'm testing recipes and honestly the people I work with in my IT world don't need and won't eat much more chocolate than that. Seeing as how they are my guinee pigs..... I mean, the first people trying my chocolate, I try to keep my production scale reasonable.

That being said I want to start buying chocolate in bulk, or more bulk than the .5lbs bars I am used to getting around here. Salem so far has thwarted my attempts at finding a local supplier. My rather loquacious question is how do you store your soon to be used chocolate? Soon to be used means usually the next couple weeks. Does it matter? Mainly, I run my testing and playing out of my home kitchen at the moment. I don't have a tupperware big enough to store a 10lb slab of chocolate. If I were to use 2lbs in a day can I break down the other 8lbs into more manageable sizes or will the increased surface area cause the chocolate to stale faster than one large block.

Again sorry for the noobish question, but being an egg head I wanted to throw it out there before setting a process that could negatively impact my final product. Thanks for the help.

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I doubt you'll hit any problems if you use inside a few weeks. Keep it away from strong odours and cool if you can.
Great! Thanks Duffy. I figured the change in surface area wasn't a huge change, but I wanted to be sure before shelling out $50 to $100 for 10lbs of chocolate.

You can certainly break up a block of chocolate for easier storage. I would wrap each piece well after I broke it up though. - I keep my unused chocolate in an old-fashioned cooler (like you would take on a picnic outing). I usually place an unused vanilla bean or some open hot chocolate in the cooler to make certain that the chocolate does not absorb any other scents or flavors. I also keep a food safe moisture absorbant packet in there as well. I then keep the cooler in a cool area away from any heat sources or sun; but still accessible and convenient to the kitchen. My chocolate stays fresh for a very long time this way. I've actually had some "rare" pieces that I've saved this way for 6 months or so and then used. It was as good as if I'd just bought it. Hope this helps.
I store mine broken up in a large tupperware in a pantry cupboard, it keeps for weeks, if not months with no change to the flavor or texture.


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