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I'm a 'Newbie' here and I've found the information on the Chocolate Life extremely helpful.  What I'm a bit confused about is the cleaning process before roasting the beans.  I understand the beans should be sorted and the rubbish/metal fragments if any removed and broken or disfiguered beans removed, but the process of killing the harmful bacteria on the beans is still a bit confusing.

I have read on here about a company washing the beans in hydrogen peroxide which I definitely don't want to do, but also some information about the UV lights or wands as someone put it.  Can someone please elaborate on this process?  Do the beans sit under the lights for some time or is the light simply waved over the beans and for how long is recomended?

Is there another part of the cleaning process that I'm missing?

Thanks for any information you can give me on this area of the process.





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The harmfull bacteria are "killed" during the roasting phase, as far as I know. 


Rodney Nikkels


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