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I need some info on What are some names of Higher Chocolate Bar Brands , such as Cadbury,Nestle ect.. as my profiles in chocolate has started to be a sucess and a client wants to sample a few before we do a custome order for them.

I lave located major distributes in Dallas such as the Johnson Brothers Bakery Suppy who buy in wollsale bulk , I am currently using Merckens and Guittard and but thought you might tell me more?

Megan Hardgrave

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>> Just to clarify, this is a request for information about bulk couverture.

It would helpful, Megan, if you could let everyone know if you have a price range you are looking into. I could mention Cluizel and Valrhona and the Felchlin Grand Cru line - but they might be out of your price range (or your customers' price range).

Some companies (like Barry-Callebaut and Felchlin) have chocolates in several different price ranges and so offer options that would be suitable for clients looking at several different costs. The Felchlin US distributor is Swiss Chalet Fine Foods ( and you can get from them the name of someone local to help with getting samples. You can get the name of a local distributor from the Callebaut web site.

Also - there's nothing wrong with the Guittard brand. Many well-known and highly-respected chocolatiers use Guittard as their base couverture. You can upgrade within the Guittard line to their "E Guittard" products, many of which are very good. Also, you might consider doing some blending. If you think the 38% milk is a little light, add some Oban (their bulk unsweetened) or some other unsweetened chocolate to make it more robust. You could also do this with one of the dark chocolates. I know several chocolatiers who make custom blends from a selection of Guittard chocolates (sorry, can't tell you which chocolates are being blended).

:: Clay

:: Clay
Hi Megan,
Try Grenada, Escazu, Mast Brothers, Black Mountain Chocolate. What are you doing? These makers provide fine chocolate but may not have the bulk pricing that is equitable for you.
Dear Paul,

Thank you for the name of the chocolate bars . What my business Collectible Profiles,Inc. does is We have been in business for a few years, but we are a small company just recently had success with our chocolate line called "Profiles in Chocolate". We offer a highly customized chocolate Profile as everything is hand done say from clients original artwork then hand carving our molds through to finished product.

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I can't give any more info on our pricing range except to say that the bulk cost needs to be under $100.

If you want to contact us further you can e-mail or write the address below

Megan Hardgrave,President
Collectible Profiles,Inc.
1846 Rosemeade Pkwy,#297
Carrollton,TX 75007


I have to say that I am completely confused by what you wrote. Let's forget (for a moment) about the unique aspects of the business and the molds and concentrate on just the chocolate. When you say that the chocolate, in bulk, needs to cost $100, what does that mean?

$100 has to buy how much chocolate?

1 pound? 10 pounds? 100 hundred pounds? Chocolate for 500 molds (if so, how much chocolate is in a mold)?

:: Clay
Dear Clay,

Sorry for the confussion, I meant that the total cost per Pound did need to be under $100 , so If the wholesale bulk price was say $53.00 for 25-50 lbs of Guittard lets say then that would work.

We are doing molds that are 1 oz appox. so then we can figure out how many pieces I will get out of 25-50 lbs box.

thanks for the help

If your budget is $100/lb for chocolate you can afford the world's best brand names. I don't know of any couverture chocolate - even the most expensive boutique brand - that cannot be had for $100/lb.

If each mold is 1 oz, there are roughly 16 (but let's say 15 for wastage) in a pound. If the chocolate cost $15/lb (and that's all but a few couvertures), the chocolate cost per mold would be $1.

Brand names? Felchin, Cluizel, Valrhona, Callebaut, Pralus, Amedei, Domori.

As these are American profiles, why not use American-made chocolate? The entire E Guittard line (including the Hawaiian, Peru, and more) is in this price range. Askinosie, Amano, Theo ...


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