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Where do you buy your chocolate?. What kind of chocolate do you buy?.


I will start a small chocolate confectionery business. Right now, I can't make chocolate (process the cacao beans), because I don't have the equipment and because I certainly don't know how to do it. So in order to start my business, I have to buy chocolate from others. In case you are in the same situation (not producing chocolate for yourself), could you please tell me, who is your provider and what kind (type and brand) of chocolate do you buy?. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!


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Hi Cesar,

The most popular brand of chocolate bought by artisan chocolatiers seems to be Barry Callebaut. There are many brands that are popular - Valrhona, Amadei are the more premium brands. Unfortunately I do not live in the US, so I do not know suppliers there. 

All the best,



Thank you for your answer!. I appreciated it so much.

Kind regards!


Where are you in the US?

I buy Amano Chocolate because I am from Utah, but I buy it directly from them for the same reason.  I do not like Callibeaut-I think it is waxy (just my opinion!!!)

My second choice would be Valrhona.. and if you just do a google search you can find many places that sell it wholesale-pick the cheapest to ship to you.  Here is one:, but there is always and many more.. they will have all sorts of others...

Check them out! 

Have a great day!


Hi Liz !!!!.  :  )

Thank you so much for your answer. Actually, I am not in the US. I live in El Salvador (Central America). I have to look for the most convenient supplier (in terms of cost and quality of the chocolate), but what concerns me more is to know what chocolate (brand and type) to use in the business I want to start. That's why I want to know what chocolate, the members of this forum are using.

Liz, your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!


The previous post regarding Callebaut being "waxy" is pretty vague as Callebaut has a vast assortment of chocolates, so one may be "waxy", but they have many other fine flavors.  I purchase from Callebaut and Chocolates El Rey.  El Rey specializes in single origin varieties.  They have a limited selection, but I find their chocolate to be wonderful.  They also have a price right now of $4.50 a pound in the U.S.

El Rey is my chocolate of choice. Cesar because you are in Central America it may be easy for you to find El Rey; they are Venezuelan (I do realize they aren't close, but I think you are closer than I am in the US!). Great quality chocolate, they have won awards many years in a row for their white chocolate. I am not a fan of white chocolate, but theirs is good. They do not deodorize the cocoa butter and I think that probably has a lot to do with it. Their white has flavor, it doesn't just taste sweet. I really like all of their chocolates. Good luck to you!


You have given me a confirmation about Chocolates El Rey. David has the same opinion. So, I will contact them and see if they could send me a few blocks of chocolate to start.

I wish you the best. Take care and thank you!.



Thank you for taking the time to share this invaluable information. It is really important to me to know what a professional chocolatier is using. That's why I am very grateful.

Thank you!


Who are you getting it for that price through? I am interested in trying it, but the cheapest I see it on their website is $5.40 per pound.

Hi Jennifer!.

You are right. I have just confirmed and the price per pound is $5.40 (Nov 25 2013).

Maybe David is getting a preferred price if he buys certain amount of chocolate. You should try and call them, and see if they can give you a discount on future purchases.

Have a great day!.


Hi, cesar, I think you understand spanish better than english so I´ll switch to it :D

Por lo que yo fui aprendiendo desde que estoy confeccionando, se me fue un poco de la cabeza la idea de ¨hacer¨ el chocolate, aca en Argentina, estoy comprando las coberturas en una fabrica que se llama codeland, pero he probado coberturad belga, como barry callebaut, y belcolade, y por ejemplo en el chocolate con leche, suelen tener un sabor un tanto mas acido, y un poco diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados aca.
pero estando en el salvador, me imagino que deberias tener muchas coberturas muy buenas a disposicion, inclusive con cacaos clasificados por genotipo de venezuela.. 
Estuve leyendo cosas muy buenas sobra ¨Casa Luker¨ que es un fabricante colombiano, supongo lo debes conocer.. los de ¨artisanduchocolat¨ estuvieron con ellos en el salon del chocolate de londres.

Tu idea es confeccionar con un nivel de calidad muy elevado, o estas buscando un mejor precio?
Vas a trabajar con chocolate, o vas a usar semitemplados? (las coberturas que vienen hidrogenadas que no se templan?)


Not fair Dario... :-)  We want to know what you think as well.  I just can't read Spanish.  :-(


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