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Does anyone know a good place online to order large quantities of fair trade chocolate (preferably callets or chunks)? I have been looking at Chocosphere...

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I would have suggested Chocosphere.


"Mama Ganache" in California sells fair trade organic wafers on their website by the pound (you'll have to set up a wholesaale account to get a better bulk price, but that's pretty easy). Other companies such as Ciranda and Puratos sell fair trade chocolate, but you'd have to buy a minimum of a pallet (2,000 pounds). Kallari (in Ecuador) sells direct trade chocolate by the pound too.

All the best!

Thank you! I had Kallari at Chocolatefest in Jan this year, it was so good! Thank you for the suggestions!

Second Mama Ganache.  Been using their milk and dark chocolate for over a year now.

Mama Ganache looks pretty good! Thanks!


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