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I'm getting tired of having to manually cut 50 cacao beans every time I need to test a new purchase. I'm definitely in the need of a spiffy new guillotine. Try as I might though, I haven't been able to find one online. Can anyone direct me to the manufacturers/vendors?

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Here you go cheebs. There a little expensive - 869 euro plus vat plus shipping.

I knew it was going to be expensive... but that number still takes my breath away.
There is a company in Switzerland (naturally) that makes these and until this one I thought they were the only company in the world that made these.

Just FYI, the other one is also about US$1,000 plus tax and shipping. I don't remember the manufacturer but I can ask if you're interested, but the price is essentially the same.
Do you know what the other machine on the Teserba website is?

Using Google Translate on the Trowal page I get the following:

The WSG 30/50 deburr your hardware from almost all materials on gently and easiest way quickly and inexpensively!

So it looks like it's a machine that will remove little unwanted bits from machined and molded parts.
I bought the magra from Teserba a few years ago and it was about $1000.
Would a pill spitter work? You can get those at any drug store for a couple bucks. You still have to do one at a time, but it would be a whole lot quicket than with a knife.


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