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I've been frantically making candy, including truffles this season. I have been having the worst time with the white chocolate. I currently have Guittard's High Sierra White. I've also tried Peter's Snowcap White.


I temper it with a Revolution 2 machine. As it comes to working temperature after seeding, the stuff solidifies. It's totally unworkable. I can't use it for dipping the vanilla truffles, nor putting in a pastry bag and decorating other truffles. It's very frustrating. I've pushed the working temperature up and it still wants to be a mass of frosting rather than a puddle of chocolate.


What are you using? I'm looking to change brands at this point. Either that or quit making chocolates.


I'd love to be able to just work with dark chocolate, but my customers are much more likely to buy milk chocolate or white chocolate. *sigh* A person's got to make a living after all.

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Are you checking the temp with a thermometer too? It almost sounds like some kind of moisture is getting into it. You can also try using a very small amount of cocoa butter to thin it. I have heard that the temp control on the Rev 2 is not consistent. That is frustrating. I doubt it is the chocolate.

All white chocolate that I have worked with thickens over time.  I add cocoa butter to it to thin it.  High Sierra doesn't have that much cocoa butter to begin with.  I use eGuittard 31% and it still thickens.  You have to be careful to not overthin.  It is just a matter of experimenting, that and getting your customers to change their minds:-)

I bought some Ghiradelli white a couple years ago that did that. Come to find out it was out of date. Another question I have would be IS this it's first tempering cycle out of the package? Sometimes during the subsequent tempers you get stubborn crystals that need a higher temp than the pre-sets on those Revolution machines. Can your over-ride the melting point and take it up to 115? That MAY help. Good luck!

Thanks for all your suggestions.


I will be doing a full evaluation of the machine temperature after I'm through with the holidays. Thanks Gail.


I did add cocoa butter, but perhaps not enough. Thank you, I will keep trying Ruth.


Thank you Dawn for the information about re-tempering. I was indeed using white chocolate that I had tempered before, that I'd saved. Hate to waste the stuff.


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