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I am currently making single origin bean to bar chocolate and am always on the lookout for places to order the beans/nibs from. Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa :)

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Hi to all dear members. I'm trying to bring cacao nibs from the Dominican Republic to New York with the purpose to sell them to local markets. Can anyone here has gone through that process ( exporting nibs from DR to US ) Please advice on the paper work needed to export such item to the US.


Please let me know when you find out! I've asked a similar question and am not sure of what regulations, licensing, etc. are required to import beans to the US!



Hello Landen. when we send small quantities of beans to our customers in the US, they only needed a copy of the invoice and the phyto-sanitary certificate, that are issued at origin and handed over by the freight forwarder.  Sometimes they charge for this service.   The importer present this two documents to the Agriculture Department representative at customs at the International Airport and receive the beans.  


Hi Juan Pablo,

Thanks - that's very helpful. Just to clarify, does that mean we need to pick up the beans at the airport, rather than having them shipped directly to us? Do any importers have any advice on this?

Dear Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers, we are Nahua, cacao and chocolate producers in Costa Rica.

We offer Premium Cacao Beans in small quantities of 100 kg or more shipped in boxes of 12.5 kg each, all of which is of the Trinitario variety.  Prices are FOB (Plus shipping costs).

·       5 boxes (100 kg)                    $5,45/kg         ($2.47/lb)

·       6-9 boxes (120 - 180 kg)         $5,35/kg         ($2.43/lb)

·       10-15 boxes (200 - 300 kg)      $5,25kg           ($2.38/lb)

We are located in the Canton of Upala in northern Costa Rica within a buffer zone adjacent to the Tenorio Volcano National Park.   Our beans and chocolates are called "triple turned" because during the five- to six- day fermentation process the beans are turned over three times and then sun dried.  


For more information and orders, please contact Juan Pablo at juan @ 

Hello Lisa,

We can now ship small quantities of Premium Costarican cacao beans to the Continental US at the following prices.

Cacao Lb    Total $

   2.5               $22  

   5.0               $40  

    7.5              $53  

  10.0              $65  

  12.5              $77  

 15.0               $90  

 20.0              $118  

  25.0            $145    

  30.0            $170  

  40.0           $225  

  50.0           $275  


These prices includes shipping to any address in the Continental US.  We are still negotiating with the logistics company to be able to provide similar prices to other destinations.  PayPal ok.

For more information and orders, please contact Juan Pablo at 


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