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I am currently making single origin bean to bar chocolate and am always on the lookout for places to order the beans/nibs from. Any links or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa :)

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I will be headed to Honduras in the late Feb/early March time frame for more beans.  If you are interested in at least 25 lbs of beans an are in the US, please send me a personal message.  I have been making great tasting dark chocolate with these beans for some time now.  I do not have pricing at this time.

Erin, could you provide more information on the beans from Honduras that you plan to get? What type are they and are they organic (if not certified, do the farmers use chemicals)? You say you use the beans, so I am wondering, what kind of flavor do they have?

Erin, please share more details. Thank you.

I got some details but then didn't get any further response after asking a few more question

so hope you all do.

Hello all!

My name is Gino Dalla Gasperina, founder of the the Meridian Cacao Company.  

We are boutique cocoa distributor founded specifically 
to the needs of craft chocolate makers and hobbyists alike

We scour the world and work directly with cocoa farmers to directly source
only the finest ethically-produced cocoa.

I am currently offering in as little as 5kg:

1.  An Iconic Trinitario from Gran Couva, Trinidad

2. A Salon du Chocolat winning amazing Arriba Nacional from Balao, Ecuador

Check out the website and feel free to email me with any questions!

Hi Lisa,

Dan from Atlantic Cocoa Company.  We import of a very wide range of cocoa beans.  In addition to conventional beans we have a strong focus on certified cocoa such as Organic, Fair Trade, and Rain Forest Alliance.  We have beans from all over including Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and of course West Africa just to name a few.  We have quite a bit more, so if there is anything else that you are specifically interested in I might be able to help out there as well.  Please feel free to message me at anytime on here or email me at  I can also send you some samples if you like.  

We sell Trinitario beans from Venezuela out of the warehouse in Miami, FL, along with cocoa liquor, butter and powder. Please check our website for varieties

We also have Ecuadorian Nacional (Arriba) and Peruvian Cacao Lamas both conventional and organic. Please contact me for prices.

Hi Lisa,

I work with a cocoa trading firm based in San diego . We source cocoa beans directly from the largest organic cocoa farm in Bahai, Brazil. The farm is owned by the father in law of managing director of my firm so we have a very close relationship with them. The farm using advanced organic cultivation techniques so we believe our beans are the highest quality you can find.  Please message me for a sample and pricing.



I have some Indonesian cocoa sample (only about about 15 kg or 33 lbs). I am located in San Diego, so if interested, please email me at or message me here

Would you be able to source more of these beans and in larger quantities in the future if they looked good during the initial eval?

Yes, I can arrange that if you ever need large quantities.  Please email me for more details. Or let me know your email so I can email you. 


Hi to all dear members. I'm trying to bring cacao nibs from the Dominican Republic to New York with the purpose to sell them to local markets. Can anyone here has gone through that process ( exporting nibs from DR to US ) Please advice on the paper work needed to export such item to the US.


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