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Hello. I'm Robyn Dochterman. I opened St. Croix Chocolate Company ( in June of 2010. We have a retail location along the St. Croix River in Minnesota, and now I feel I'm ready to get our products into stores, restaurants and so forth.


I would like to hire someone as a contractor or staffer to do this, and I have a person in mind who is gifted in sales, but has no direct experience. Any ideas how I might best set up this relationship and provide compensation? Should I do commission only? And if so, how much commission (%) is appropriate?


Any insights, ideas, etc. would be very helpful to me. Thank you so much!



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Hello, Robyn,

I'm Emay from San Francisco, and I am starting up an chocolate business. Currently I am looking for chocolatiers to work with. I saw your ad, and wondering if you would like to expanding your business to San Francisco bay area.

If you are interested in this idea, let's discuss further details.

BTW, I went to your web site, even I cannot taste your chocolate, but they look delicious.



Although the industries are different, my day job is as an assistant manager for the wholesale department, but we mostly do home decor and personal accessories stuff, our commission to independent sales reps is 15%.

I have never looked into commission paid in the chocolate/candy industry.

Thanks Andre. Much appreciated.

Hi Robyn,

A reasonable commission rate for internet affiliate commissions range from 6% - 12% on average. Direct selling commissions are higher due to the direct contact involved and they usually fall in the range of 25% - 50% commission based on sales performance of the representative. Commission rates can be considered depending on if you provide the marketing material for the rep or if they have to buy their own materials.

This information is based on what I have experienced with online affiliate programs and direct selling companies. Hope that helps.

Thank you Maria! Very, very helpful!


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