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I have recently started a group on Facebook called "Chocolate Tasting" (the only one of it's kind that I have found)

I am in the very early stages (started last week) of getting it up and growing, experimenting with various marketing/advertising schemes, etc.. If anyone here is interested in promoting their events on this growing page I would be more than happy to help promote it! We can also possibly work out a deal where I promote your website or event in exchange for some chocolate tasting tips to be shared with my followers. Whatever, I'm flexible. In the future I hope to have a website selling my own chocolate related products, but for now I am just learning, and getting all the info I can, and learning as much about the business as I can. 

If this peaks anyones interest, just message me on here! 


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Hi Kyle
are you looking at this on a local (Canadian) scale or global? With my project I'm hosting tasting events in Belgium myself, and also have a FB Fan page:

I'm interested and open to help you where I can. Let me know how.

100% regards

ps: I'm flattered you used one of my photos as your Facebook profile picture! :)
Hello Evert-Jan

As of now I am targeting Canada, as I will have less limitations. In the future, once I have more knowledge will expand to the global scale.

I checked out your site and became a fan of your page!

I like your "Discovery Packs" .. I am wanting to put packages similar to this together along with material for my customers to be able to "host their own events". I have seen other people doing this already, but I think there is room in the market for 1 more :) .. That is my plan for the future anyways.

Hey, Thanks for the photo! I found it on a "free stock photo" website. After this is sent I'm immediately going to give you credit for it on my group!

Talk with you later,
Hi Kyle-

I have taken a few chocolate classes through independent chocolatiers and also at the Chocolate Academy. I am familiar with some of the main chocolate makers through the classes, but have also been able to taste some small independent bean to bar chocolatiers here in the US from the chocolate shows I have been too.

Let me know if you are looking for suggestions from the US. Most of the independent bean to bar chocolate I have tasted are West Coast.

Also, I joined your FB page. Good luck.



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