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Which 6 spots in the world would represent the variety of chocolate the best way?
We would like to initiate an international chocolate event and as kind of fund-raising it would make much sense to invite some “decision makers” for a tasting. There should be 6 European chocolate manufacturers from different countries – Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and Austria – represented, for diplomatic reasons. Since it is not possible to predict the chocolate bias of our guests, the event should be entertaining and impressing enough, not too challenging - with clear differences in taste. I thought a journey around the world when tasting single origin chocolates would be quite nice and easy solution…. But just give a try deciding Trinidad or Dominican Republic, Madagascar or maybe Sao Tome…and when you have Venezuela should you also take Ecuador… Well, I tried to do this by picking manufactures first and gave up pretty soon…I do admit, I am just a beginner, it is my learning by doing.
So maybe some brain storming would help to brighten the picture?
Would you name some spots, chocolate from where one must have been tried before dying? And then give also its best manufacturer in Europe…

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For a tasting, you want to stick with the straight chocolate bar (no flavors added...i.e. cinnamon, pomegranate, etc)

If you are looking for representation from European countries, here are some suggestions...
Michel Cluizel (France)
Bonnat (France)
Amedei (Italy)
Nirvana (Belgium) - don't think they have a single origin bar, but you can use a dark chocolate
Dolfin (Belgium) - don't think they have a single origin bar, but you can use a dark chocolate
Ritter Sport (Germany) - don't think they have a single origin bar, but you can use a dark chocolate

Maybe other Chocolate Life members have suggestions for other countries and makers on your list
Good luck!!
Tank you for you input, Molly!

Yes, I am thinking about straight chocolate bars.

My idea now, after considering various pro and contra:

Itlay (Amdei or Domori or something else...) for fine ciollos from Venezuela
Germany (Coppeneur) - for Caribbean
France (Pralus, CLuizel, Valrhona....) for upfront chocolaty Africa (without Madagascar)
Swityerland (Quizas/Beschle, Pamaco....) for Java
Austria (Zotter) for Panama
Belgium (Neuhaus, Callebaut...) for Neuw Guinea or, just in cace, Madagascar

Hopefully, I will get everything I want :)
Very good selection!
Also try some great american bars from Amano, Askinosie and Patric! They all have single-origin bars with wonderful tasting notes!
For a tasting, I serve the least sweet chocolates first.

I also make sure to have palate-cleansing drinks on hand, various teas, usually several tasty green ones, such as jasmine, and one black tea for those who like it and can handle a lot of stimulus.

Wine is a decision-- great to clean those taste buds but with other effects. When i bring on the wine (rarely), it is of the very low alcohol variety, our homemade stuff.

One other idea i have not used-- unsweetend cherry juice, cut with some water. I will try this for my next one.
Well, quite an interesting approach. And how do you make sure the sweeter ones - hence with less cocoa and less real flavour - do not undergo afterwards and are also appreciated? Or it is rather about sweetness then?
A real tea between chocolates would be also just disturbing for me as a purist- for it is highly aromatic stuff, so you pretty influence the taste of chocolate, no? A slightly sparkling mineral water is ok or quite delutet fruit infusion or bancha... Nothing really strong for cleansing.
I suppose, everyone has his/her own truth :).
Your points are well taken. I make no argument in general but offer a few specifics.
My chocolate tastings are fundraisers using my own chocolate which ranges from 19% sugar content to 27% sugar content. I usualyy have a commercial dark bar or two for contrast. Strength of flavor does not seem to be much of an issue.

As for cleansing, you are probably right.

My "truth" is just a set of old habits and new notions. Maybe make some changes due to this discussion.


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