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Hi All,

I will be traveling to NYC, staying in Queens, and am looking for chocolate shops and bean to bar shops to visit. I'm not looking for fancy "boutique" type places. I'd rather visit smaller shops (supporting small businesses).  If anyone is willing to give me a tour of their shop, I would be most grateful!

I'll be there around March 21-24th.  If you have thoughts I'd greatly appreciate some recommendations. Feel free to post here or e-me bakincrazy66@yahoo

Kind Regards,


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Hi Lisa,

I live in the NYC area and visit many of the different chocoalte shops

2 Beans at 100 park ave and 41 street is good and also the Meadow at 325 Hudson Street

Also some of the cheese shops have a good selection of bars like the Bedford cheese shop on 19th and Iriving street which is after park ave and also Murray cheese shop on bleeker street/I don't have the correct nuber street but all can be google.

I just visited the Fine and Raw chocolate factory today and that is in Brookly and a very easy train ride

I hope that is can help you.



Hi Lisa,

I work at the food emporium from 10-7 at 59 street and 1st ave

I am off on Thurs and Sundays and you can come up and look for me if you want to talk chocolate

I am on the other end a conumer who trys many different bars along the way/don't want to make bars

just loves trying them and learning.


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