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FBM Chocolate Equipment

FBM introduced continuous tempering technology previously only available to large-scale producers into the artisan workshop back in 1977. The past 30+ years have seen constant innovation. FBM designs and manufactures:

- Continuous tempering machines
- Enrobing belts, depositors, mold loaders, cooling tunnels, melting tanks
- Chocolate fountains (beautiful ones!)
- Dough-droppers
- and more, including machines for bean-to-bar chocolate makers.

All FBM machines are built to order so customization to specific requirements is possible. FBM works with customers to determine the product that works best for their needs, they don't just sell what's in the catalog.

Kleego 50 - Worldwide success in its first year!

KLEEGO 50 is FBM's latest innovation in modular chocolate machines for the artisan chocolate professional and the first machine to meet two important needs of craft bean–to–bar chocolate makers.

Based on the K50 melting tank with auger pump, Kleego is a 50kg melting tank AND 50kg mixer AND a 35kg conche. This multi-tasking functionality is accomplished by adding a top–mounted conching assembly that consists of a heavy–duty motor driving fixed–speed counter–rotating stirrers, forced hot air system, and an independently–controlled ceramic heater.

As a conche, Kleego quickly completes flavor and texture development, typically taking hours to achieve what can take days in a stone wet grinder. When conching is completed, the chocolate can be pumped into a container for aging or into a tempering machine for molding into bars.

Kleego is also a melter/mixer. The optional optical sensor works with the Kleego to automatically maintain the proper quantity of chocolate in the working bowl of a tempering machine. Manual operation is controlled with the included foot pedal.

Watch the video uploaded to TheChocolateLife.

FBM Product Line:

Aura - 4kg working bowl in a compact bench-top design.
Prima - 7kg working bowl; 180mm enrobing attachment.
Compatta - 12kg working bowl; 180mm enrobing attachment.
Chocolab - 12kg mini-lab; 180mm enrober, pneumatic depositor, mold loader.
Unica - 25kg working bowl; 180mm enrober, pneumatic depositor, mold loader.
Maestria - 45kg working bowl; 300mm enrober, pneumatic depositor, mold loader.
MTR60 - 60kg working bowl; 400mm enrober, pneumatic depositor, mold loader.
Climatico 300 - 300mm wide cooling tunnel, lengths 4-8 meters (custom lengths available)
Climatico 400 - 400mm wide cooling tunnel, lengths 6-10 meters (custom lengths available)
K-series melters - Compact 50, 100, and 200kg capacity; optional integrated pump.
Kleego50 - 50kg melter/35kg conche.
TK-series melters - water-jacketed melting tanks 200-300kg. Larger sizes on request.
Sintesi, Evoluzione, Tower Drop, Mac & Cake - dough dropping machines.

Most FBM continuous tempering machines come standard with vibrating tables, measured depositors, and reversible/removable tempering augers.

For More Information and How to Place an Order

For more information or to request a quote contact Clay Gordon via ChocolateLife message or by email to claygordon (at) thechocolatelife (dot) (com).

Reference accounts, warranty details, and PDF catalog pages are available upon request.

General terms: 50% with order, 50% when unit ships. Payable by wire transfer, only. Build time averages 30 days, shipping average 7-10 days for air freight, and 3-4 weeks for ocean freight. Complete purchase terms are available on request. 

ChocolateLife members receive a 10% discount off of list prices.

Standard power configurations are 220/380V 50Hz and 208~230V 60Hz, 3-phase.
120V/220V single phase is available on select machines.

ChocolateLife member prices are available everywhere in the world except Italy and France.

The History of FBM (links to the FBM site in a new window).

The FBM Blog has photos and videos of equipment in action.

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