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Member Marketplace and Sponsorships

TheChocolateLife Member Marketplace

TheChocolateLife Member Marketplace provides ChocolateLife members with a place to advertise products and services to all ChocolateLife members. The Member Marketplace is located in the right-hand column of virtually every page of TheChocolateLife.

NOTE: Products sold via MLM/Network Marketing programs may advertise/sponsor at a premium rate of 10x the standard rate.

Highlights of the Member Marketplace Advertising Program

3 month minimum commitment
Creative swap-out on a monthly basis
180px (w) x 150px (h) creative size
PNG, JPG, and GIF formats accepted - no Flash
30 second max animation length
Click-through to on-site off-site URL
Ad serving provided by BroadStreetAds
Monthly broadcast messages to all ChocolateLife members
PRICE: $100/mo - three-month min., no delivery limit, payable in advance.
MLM Price: $1000/mo - six-month minimum, payable in advance.

Sponsoring a Group on TheChocolateLife

ChocolateLife Group sponsorships enable companies that offer products and/or services of interest to ChocolateLife members to become more closely involved with TheChocolateLife community through associating their company name with a special interest Group on TheChocolateLife. Sponsors may choose from an existing (un-sponsored) group or they may ask that a new group be created for them.

Every Group has an "about" text area that is used to describe what that Group is about. Sponsors get a "Group Name is sponsored by .... " mention in the title bar of their group as well as an IAB-standard banner ad and up to 150 words describing their business.

Sponsors have the ability (and responsibility) to engage their group and are expected to act as moderators. Sponsors are expected to observe the Golden Rules for posting and refrain from turning their Groups into advertising-only vehicles.

Sponsors are encouraged to use TheChocolateLife for the online community and blog components of their web sites for several reasons, the most important of which are the SEO visibility TheChocolateLife affords and the large and vibrant community that their customers become a part of.

Highlights of TheChocolateLife Sponsorship Program

Exclusive sponsorship of a special interest Group
3 month minimum commitment
Title-bar Sponsorship mention
468px (w) x 60px (h) banner ad creative size
Monthly creative swap
PNG, JPG, and GIF formats accepted - no Flash
30 second max animation length
150 word business description
Restricted Administrator privileges within the group
Monthly broadcast messages to group members
Inclusion in broadcast messages to ChocolateLife members
PRICE: $500/three months - three-month minimum commitment
MLM Price: $5000/mo - six-month minimum, payable in advance.

Send a message to Clay Gordon (hover over the Members tab and my name will appear, click on that and then "Send Message" under my profile photo) if you are interested.

Member Marketplace

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