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ChocolateWk2012 - Sunday Program

On Sunday I was scheduled to make a chocolate tasting presentation.

I talked about the Pyramid tasting technique I first set forth in my book, Discover Chocolate, using a pyramid that paired two chocolates from Fresco Chocolate (Bellingham, Washington) - their 219 and 221, both made with beans from Papua New Guinea, featuring different roast and conche times. There are a total of four bars in Fresco's new PNG line, each with different roast and conche parameters. The light roast/light conche features a deep vegetal green earthy funkiness that is quite accessible. At the other end, the bar features a distinctive bright pink grapefruit acidity that is not as forward as that in the Amano Morobe bar. This series of bars is one of the most instructive bars I've ever used in a tasting. All of them are not for everyone, but chances are very high you'll find at least one you like.

The other pair of chocolates in the pyramid was from Grenada Chocolate Company - their 60% and 60% Nib-a-licious. I used this combination because they both feature the same base chocolate. However, the nib changes the perception of the flavor of the chocolate. Few people, when making the comparison, every realize that they are the same chocolate.


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