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ORIGINAL BEANS: Beni Wild Harvest

This chocolate is made from wild-harvest beans that grow on the “Chocolatales”, the chocolate islands, in the Beni region of the Bolivian Amazon. During the wet season, the expert collectors from the indigenous Maucaraje and Baures go out in canoes for weeks to gather the cacao in spots only they know – across a landscape as large Illinois and Indiana put together. The delicate beans are so small in size that they require specially modified roasters that few chocolate-makers have. This rare chocolate is conched for sixty hours to create a voluptuous, rounded chocolate with a lingering finish. It melts into notes of honeyed black tea, tobacco flowers, and cognac.


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Comment by Vercruysse Geert on August 20, 2012 at 4:17am

Sorry for delay Solis Lujan, I was on holiday (Swiss) for two weeks.

Following the recipe with this chocolate of Original Beans (or 68-70% cacao):

Chocolate Mousse

70 g / 2.4 oz granulated sugar

60 g / 2.1 oz egg yolk

50 g / 1.7 oz whole eggs

30 g / 1.0 oz milk

3 g / 0.1 oz gelatine

130 g / 4.5 oz couverture 68-70%

250 g / 8.7 oz heavy cream, 35%, whipped


Mix granulated sugar, egg yolk and whole eggs well. Boil milk before adding to the egg mixture.

Reboil to cream anglaise (86°C). Sieve. Add dissolved gelatine leaves, and chocolate 68-70%.

Add whipped cream under the 30°C.

Mix everything well and cool in the refrigerator.

SUCCES...... ;-)

Comment by Solis Lujan on August 10, 2012 at 2:24am

Your post is very old, but I am requesting your recipe for the best chocolate mousse

Comment by Vercruysse Geert on April 4, 2010 at 1:54pm
P.S. made by Felchlin and also sold by them. I made one of the best chocolatemousse with this extraordinary chocolate.
Recipe? just ask me, and I will be glad to share...)

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