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Root Chocolate - Making Chocolate Friends

Over the weekend, we had the exciting opportunity to meet up with another local chocolate maker. Dave Huston of Confluence Chocolate, who lives up in Sacramento, agreed to come down to the Bay Area for a visit. We met atBittersweet Cafe, and drank some absolutely delicious hot chocolates (similar to what’s offered at Dandelion). I recommend the Spicy hot…


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Root Chocolate - A Chocolate Shortage?

There has been a lot of news recently regarding the world chocolate shortage. Some sources are stating that there will be a 1 million MT deficit in chocolate by 2020. The …


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Root Chocolate - Chocolate Factory

Ever wonder what the Root Chocolate Factory looks like? Check it out!

It’s been about 8 months since we starting playing around with chocolate. And in that time, we’ve collected quite a bit of equipment, tools, and ingredients that now fill an entire area of our apartment. We like to call that area our Chocolate Factory.

We started with just a bag of cocoa beans from the …


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Root Chocolate - chocolate certifications and labels



"Single Origin"

"Fair Trade"

"Rainforest Alliance"


"Direct Trade"

What do these all mean and which ones should you pay attention to when you're choosing your chocolate? Good question! Some relate to labor practices, others relate to the environmental circumstances surrounding the farming.

Here at Root Chocolate, we've discussed where cacao farmers fit… Continue

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Root Chocolate - Venezuelan Batch & Bloom Challenge

Last week, we made a batch of chocolate from some very special beans. They are Carupano Corona from Venezuela, 2014. The Chocolate Alchemist describes them as “Criollo/Trinitario with clove and soft fruity high notes and very low bitterness.”

And the exciting part – John Nanci roasted them right there in his workshop with us watching (and smelling) on! In his homemade roaster with temperature gauges inside the drum roaster and in the oven itself, these beans smelled amazing. I’ll…


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Root Chocolate - New Ingredients

One of the areas of innovation in chocolate where we have not yet ventured is that of ingredients. Well, that’s not totally true… When we first started out, we tried a bacon batch, but we added way too much bacon. Another time, we tried a salted chocolate batch, but we added way too much salt. (Noticing a trend?) We’ve strayed away from new ingredients since then.

However, our visit to John Nanci in …


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Healthy Halloween with Root Chocolate

Happy Halloween!

You may expect a rant about Halloween chocolate or a self-righteous monograph about how I don’t eat junk candy. But, to be honest, I love candy corn and Swedish fish and even Milky Way bars! We don’t eat too many sweets, but every once in a while, the candies from my childhood provide that comfort of sugary deliciousness.

Our apartment complex didn’t get any trick-or-treaters last year, so we don’t expect many (if at all) this year either. Still, we have our…


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Root Chocolate - 85%

Last week, we finished another batch of delicious chocolate. This time, we tried four distinctly new ideas: a new roasting profile, a higher percentage cocoa, a longer refining time, and finally, a different temperature range for tempering. And the result? Smooth deliciousness!


Rather than our typical 400 degree hit, followed by 15-20 minutes at 250, we tried a roasting profile inspired by some comments …


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Root Chocolate - Where do Cacao Farmers Come In?

Shout outs to SPAGnVOLA and Askinosie in today's Root Chocolate post...

Most chocolate consumers don’t consider where their chocolate is coming from. Those of you reading this blog are already ahead of your peers, because you’re educating yourself about the process, about what it takes to bring those tasty bars of chocolate to your tongue.

Even then, the majority of what I’ve covered so far involves the processing end of chocolate, once it’s considered cocoa. However,…


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Root Chocolate - Advice from experts

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with two true chocolate experts. The first was Chloe Doutre-Roussel, author of The Chocolate Connoisseur. We sat at Dandelion in San Francisco, where she was doing a book signing on her way up to the Northwest Chocolate…


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Root Chocolate - Madagascar batch

We wish we could be in two places at once this weekend. We're enjoying our visit to Kansas City for a wedding and spending time with family. We wish we could also be at NW Chocolate Festival!

Instead of meeting us in person, learn more about our most recent batch of homemade chocolate!

Check out our most batch of Madagascar chocolate at Root Chocolate!…


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Cottage Food Operation & Chocolate

You may be wondering when we’re going to get on with making this delicious hobby into a business. Well, we’re not quite there yet, but I’ll share one option we’re considering: the CFO or Cottage Food Operation.

First of all, to operate a food business is no easy task, particularly in this litigious society of ours where McDonalds needs to label coffee as hot and Nytol has to label sleeping tablets with “…


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Importing Cocoa Beans

One of the implications of wanting to partner directly with cacao farmers is learning how to import cocoa beans.

My first ever post on The Chocolate Life was a naive call for small-scale farmers to send me their beans. Little did I know that one of the biggest hurdles to starting a “from the bean” chocolate…


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Root Chocolate - Chocolate Texture

At Root Chocolate, we've learned a lot since our first batch of chocolate and are starting to churn out more professional chocolate. However, we love the accessibility of our first recipe and its simplicity. Learn more about the biggest difference between our first and most recent batch, and what we have to say about keeping chocolate-making accessible!

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Root Chocolate - Slow Food

A better, cleaner and fairer world begins with what we put on our plates – and our daily choices determine the future of the environment, economy and society. – Slow Food USA

This is so relevant to those of us who make chocolate at home and who take the time to create chocolate from the bean. Read more on the blog:…


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A visit with local chocolate makers

Richard and I took our Root Chocolate selves over to visit another couple of local chocolate makers and we are so honored to count David and Leslie among our new chocolate - making community now! Learn more here:

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Siriana Cacao

Read about our experience making chocolate with Siriana Cacao today on the blog:

Thanks, Piper!

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Supply chain and chocolate

What does supply chain have to do with chocolate? Read more on the blog about my personal connection to supply chain consciousness!

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Tempering and Bloom

Check out today's post on our experience with tempering and bloom. This has been one of the most evasive parts of making chocolate and we're looking for advice from the experts. Read about our attempts and let us know what you suggest!

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Advice for making chocolate at home

A new blog post is up, featuring Clay Gordon's advice for making chocolate at home. Enjoy!

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