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Science Fiction Movie

I am never a big fan of science fiction movies; many of them are full of fancy and conjecture. I would prefer to watch something that was based more on scientific fact.

But I have changed my point of view lately. With the help of great…


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Experience The 2011 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon


 "Fine chocolate is expensive, but less expensive than therapy" - a visitor's T-shirt


The long-awaited San Francisco International Chocolate Salon finally arrived on April 17th at Fort Mason, a beautiful waterfront structure overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. There were over forty chocolatiers who attended the salon, bringing with them chocolates with dozens of exotic flavors.  There was everything to please your eyes and satisfy your taste buds, including fine…


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Bittersweet Cafe

Bittersweet Cafe              4/9/2011 Sunny Saturday…


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You would never tell what they are made of, unless you see them here.


Yes, they made of chocolate!

Chocolate history in China may trace back to Emperor Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty.  In 1705, Roman Pope Clement XI dispatched envoys to China as missionary. In 1706, Emperor Kangxi interviewed the missionaries, during the interview,  they presented 150 chocolates to the Emperor Kangxi. Kangxi gave it a big approval after tasting.This was the first record of chocolate in China's history.

In January 18th, 2010, The world chocolate wonderland…


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Chocolate wonderland in the other side of pacific ocean

Harvard Business school professor Nancy F Koehn said:

Entrepreneurs look for new possibilities and new markets, should think about 3 or 4 things:

1. Look around you, the social, culture and economic environment, what people do you know care about, what do you feel when you walk on street, what happening in term of where people are going in their lives, understand the broad stage on which consumers act.

2. Look for something, a product, a service , a combination of both…


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