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Did anyone see this amazing show of chocolate mastery? Tonight I watched Tony's new Spain episode on the Travel Channel, and he visited Enric's workshop outside of Barcelona. Enric crafted something so dramatically amazing and beautiful...just a large chocolate egg, but OH that egg! He started with two halves in molds, melted the edges and voila an egg. He shaped the edges like a sculptor, the beginnings of the Gaudi-esque creation it was to become. The 15 or so eggs, each about one foot high, looked great as they were, and I would never have anticipated the next step. Each egg, in its own egg holder, was then taken outside into a courtyard and placed on a table, in full afternoon sun! Everyone stood around and watched the eggs start glistening, and at one point everyone moves into action to move the eggs back into refrigerated air. That point was the one at which one egg suddenly melted into itself creating a chasm, a hole that Enric was looking for. Once inside, the eggs were tilted so that the melt dripped in an artistically appropriate manner. Then the eggs were sprayed with more chocolate so that each one was now a variant of cocoa shaded velour. Very adult easter eggs. I'll see if I can find a pic to post, it was glorious!

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Comment by xinhong liu on January 4, 2010 at 5:49am
I did few times over the Xmas while I was searching for inspiration for my own chocolate business.

It's just amazing to watch and I'm speechless when I saw Enric working with those eggs. It is just a life experience.

What he has done to the world's view on chocolates is that chocolates are far beyond just pleasant treats.

After watched this video I checked his website and try to dig more about his work. The home page flushes out

the his extraordinary creations and I had to play few times to make sure I did not miss anything. Eye catching and too good to eat!
Comment by James Cary on November 19, 2008 at 2:30am
It was so simple. Yet, it was brilliant.
Adrian Ferra's chocolate tree still life, earlier in the show, was very cool, too.

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