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Here's a question for any seriously informed chocolate people. What's the story with the Smith (aka W.C. Smith) company? The used enrober market is peppered with Smith machines, and a quick search turns up enrober patents listed under a W Smith & Sons Inc. My search for info on the company that makes/made these machines has been fruitless, however. Are they closed? Were they bought out? Is the Smith line currently made/supported by another company? Is it some kind of national secret?

I ask because sooner or later (probably sooner) one has to repair such a machine. Hilliards, for example, has a good reputation for product support and ease of repair, important considerations when one is spending money on new equipment. If I get a Smith and something needs replacing...then what?

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Comment by Clay Gordon on February 28, 2008 at 9:22am
Richard Jansen
W.C. Smith Mfg.
10831 1st St
Sturtevant, WI , 53177-3338
Phone: 262-884-8879
FAX: 262-884-0512
Comment by Clay Gordon on February 27, 2008 at 3:01am

I ran across someone this weekend that knows about the company and is sending me info. When I get it I will let you know.

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