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Well today April 4th ,2008 I have decided to join the blog by sharing with The Chocolate Life members my story of taking historical figures from American History/culture and transforming these historical people famous faces(profiles) into what I call "Profiles in Chocolate"

Back in 2004 I started to think about a ways to combine my Passion for American History and Chocolate ! and after a few weeks the concept of our first "Profiles In Chocolate " was Choosen it was to be our 16th President--Abraham Lincoln ! The inspiration for Collectible Profiles comes from Megan's passion for Abraham Lincoln and wanting to honor his life and what his life and legacy means to her!

The Collectible Profiles, Inc. mission is making American History come alive for others! Our company, has developed “Profiles In Chocolate” for Presidents Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy to surprise and delight your Customers!

Our detailed candy molds produce a beautiful chocolate 3-D sculpture of John F Kennedy’s or Abraham Lincoln's Profile (hair, cheekbones, beard, ect.) in a finely detailed 3-dimensional chocolate image.

From my flyer :

Seven Reasons Your Customers will buy Lincoln Profiles!

1. Mold profiles in your choice of chocolate-white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate for display in your case! What an eye–catcher!
Suggested retail price of $5.99 each would mean more revenues for you and higher profits! Package the chocolate profiles in the Collectible Profiles Patriotic Gift CD Package for higher unit profits,
2. Sell and/or cater to local museums, hotels, as a unique candy or dessert! Imagine a chocolate Lincoln Profile inserted in a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Or drizzling red, white and blue sauce on a plate –then placing a chocolate Lincoln in the center! For an elegant look place a chocolate Lincoln Profile on a gold foil doily!

3. The chocolate profile of Lincoln’s face is showcased in a new innovative packaging, a clear CD jewel case. You can add an insert that can be patriotic (red, white, Blue or the American flag.)

4. It’s great as a tourist souvenir—a mini-biography of Lincoln is featured on the back of the CD for a memento long after the chocolate is eaten and has been enjoyed. Refills could be sold.

5. This 4x4 size chocolate profile, ¼ thick inches is an irresistible impulse buy and its small and ideal size to take home in a briefcase/purse.

6. Get free advertising by showing your new product!

7. The packaging could promote Holidays and Special Occasions-such as July 4th or the Lincoln Bicentennial

Five ways to boost Your Sales with Lincoln Chocolate Profiles!
1. Your customers are seeking specialty products tied to Abraham Lincoln!
2. Your customers want something different! This fresh, new product –both the candy mold and the packaging!
3. Your customers want to give a gift that is only available in shops like yours!
4. The gift packaging is innovative and unique! A crystal clear CD case showcases the Lincoln profile against a patriotic background and suggests a framed cameo. Both children and adults will love it!
5. The beautiful, detailed profile of Lincoln’s features is a museum quality sculpture in chocolate! People say” It’s almost too beautiful to eat”!

We want to sell our Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy “Profiles in Chocolate” candy molds and packaging to any intersted small chocolate Company's , does anyone know of any?

the rest of "Profiles in Chocolate" story to come...

Megan Hardgrave

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