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A couple of years ago I experimented with some of our local wild berries and made some jellies for people to taste. I added them to my chocolate collection that I had put together. There is a berry here that the locals call "laughing berries". They are salal berries and are extremely flavorful. People use them to make jams and jellies and pancake syrup.
I made jellies out of the salal berries and they were very well received. They had ten times the flavor of the other jellies I had made with wild blueberries, salmon berries and raspberries. I never even got to the point of coating my jellies (pate de fruit) with chocolate, which was the original plan. The jellies were eaten up and I ran out of berries. Last year was a terrble year so I didn't get to pick any salal berries but I indend to get as much as I can this year.
My ultimate question is: Would the general population accept something like this? Something very, very flavorful but very local? Some people outside our community think that salal berries are poisonous which is wrong. maybe I should just market it as laughing berry jelly candy.
Does anyone have any opinion on this?

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Comment by Chocoflyer on April 10, 2008 at 7:02pm
I for one would absolutley LOVE to try your "laughing berries", with dark chocolate even better! I was never a fruit w/choc fan until I tried LilliBelle choc berry truffles (for lack of a better word, its not just choc covered berries, more of a yummy jelly inside like yours)) They are made in Oregon which is famous for awesome berries too- like boysenberry and many unique to Pac. NW area. Lillibelle is all local and organic and the flavor of these really changed my perception of the combo- i was an instant convert and fan. If you can do that with your berries i say go for it and Bless you for even trying! Pls keep us posted on your progress....

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