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clay, i've changed the my page so it easier to read agian

Dear Clay,

Sorry I have not posted in while , but life happens but thanks for letting me know about the page,I have just changed it agian so hope this works better. The interest in my Collectible Profiles "Profiles in Chocolates is being looked at now with the Lincoln Bicentennial next year and so it helps to have interested people .

I am trying tpo find the physical address for Christopher Brookes LLC in England that Gwen Borders told me about but no luck finding it on google or yahoo any ideas?

Megan Hardgrave

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Comment by Megan Hardgrave on March 25, 2009 at 12:20pm

Just to let you know that Megan Hardgrave's "Profiles in Chocolates" are a go, and the problems I had before have been worked out and people are buying them now! ps. check out my post on Start up Central.

Thanks,Megan Hardgrave

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