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A souvenir from Paris, Michel Cluizel’s chocolate

Walking through the streets of Paris I came across, almost by chance, the chocolate place by Michel Cluizel. For those who have never heard of him, he’s one of the most respected connoisseurs of chocolate and he’s internationally known for his special attention to the cocoa beans. His headquarters is in Normandy, where there is even a museum,"Chocolatrium", where there are also workshops on the processing of cocoa. The great peculiarity of the work of Cluizel is the constant pursuit of quality through the selection of the finest cocoa beans and the most congenial plantations. This attention is also reflected into Michel Cluizel chocolate place, such as the one at 201 rue Saint Honoré, in the heart of the French capital, where it’s impossible to resist such beauty and goodness.

Large glass beakers filled with truffles and bon bon featured in the window shop without stealing the show at the fantastic chocolate fountain, which enchants at a glance. For a moment it seems impossible to be in a modern and busy city, you breathe the scent of cocoa, and even if it’s only a few days away from Christmas ... it seems as it’s already arrived. If you have the opportunity to visit Paris, a peek at this amazing temple of chocolate ... it's almost a must.

Present throughout the territory of France, Michel Cluizel has opened a boutique in New York’s 5th Avenue at number 584.

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