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I plan to buy one pannig machine.  I am confused with the follwing aspects.


While buying a Panning machine which aspects we have to consider more?   Is there any advantage if the Coating pan is of Copper?  Or is  steel  coating pan  as good as  the Copper one? They say that only if there is resistance inside the pan the Dragee will become shiny, Otherwise I have to give the final coating of Gum Arabica to get the shine.  Are these true?


Any advise?


Rajarajeshwari from India.

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Comment by Rajarajeshwari Kainthaje on April 7, 2011 at 12:57pm

Thanks Tom.  Hoping to meet you in near future.

Rajarajeshwari ( Raji) from India

Comment by Tom Bauweraerts on April 7, 2011 at 9:23am


It depends what you want to do with the pan, do you want to caramelise products or cover with chocolate?   If you want to make caramelised producs, you will need a cupper pan with gas under it to have a direct flame on the cupper pan to burn the sugar.

When you want to work with chocolate, you can do it with the cupper pan also, but you will need cold air that is blowed into the pan, otherwise your chocolate will not set quick enough on the products and you will have a big block of chocolate after a while.

There is a system of Selmi that can give into the pan warm and cold air.  The advantage of the warm air is that you can shine the product naturally without any gum Arabica or any other shine makers. the other advantage of the Selmi machine is that there is an automatic spray system (heated) where you can install the seconds of spray and the seconds of non spray, so this machines becomes a semi-automatic machine.


The choice is op to you what you want to do.


Good luck


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