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At this point I'm just going to advise everyone against using this organization of crooks.

After again asking them about the feedback, the only reason I approached them in the first place, I waited two months and nothing. Not a peep from them, how long does it take to organize some notes? In two months, I've been able to organize 10's of thousands of pages of documentation, what is their issue? (You know, I hear there is this thing called a automated data processor, Madison Ave calls it a "computer," and they can be handy at tasks like organizing information.)

I contacted them the other day and asked about this as well as informed them that they have not fulfilled their obligation, I paid them for feedback, they have provided none. I require a refund. At this point they are either too incompetent to organize their notes or it would just be a slap together to appease me.

They have not replied and I can't say I'm surprised.

I run a non-profit organization that uses chocolate to teach science, problem-solving, team-work, and task completion to various at risk groups. Outside review would have been very valuable to us... it is unfortunate that I only stumbled across this social group that only prefers to give un-backed thumbs up, thumbs down reviews because they lack the education or understanding to put any reasoning down on paper. If you can't show your work, you have no understanding of the subject matter.

The ITQI, for example provides extensive details about submissions... why something is good or not. I could get a "meh I liked it" || "ick, that sucked" from a homeless person at the bus station and so could you, for a lot less money.

It's not the money, it's that people like this work to keep chocolate abstract and confusing to the public. "Brand X is good because we say it is." instead of "Brand X is good because of reasons A, B, and C that are the result of processes 1, 2, and 3" The consumer is educated to make choices on their own instead of defering to the published results of such in-the-closet antics by the likes of the Academy of Chocolate.

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Comment by Ilana on May 1, 2009 at 8:04am
Hi! Is there a lead you can give me about where I can read up more on your organization? It sounds fascinating. Thanks!

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