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Amsterdam is not only an extremely pretty city. It also offers some great options for chocolate lovers and its chocolate scene was growing fast during the last few years, so I now list the best Amsterdam chocolate locations on my blog. There are many very decent chocolatiers and some really excellent ones. There is a fantastic chocolate bar shop specialized in high quality single origin chocolates. There are even two local bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers (Chocolatemakers + Metropolitan). Further, there is a growing number of annual chocolate events and meetings such as Chocoa or the Origin Chocolate Event.

Certainly worth a visit I'd say :)

Here's for example the city's chocolatiers:


My personal Amsterdam favorite. Pretty reductionist design and made from great own bean-to-bar chocolate and with fantastic ganache fillings. Try the Jalapeno or the Mandarin or the Lemon… Yes!

Patisserie Kuyt

Arguably the finest of Amsterdam’s more traditional styled bonbons. The pleasantly small sized bonbons look like they come right from a confectioner’s textbook. And they taste great!

Van Velze’s

Sympathetic small chocolatier in Amsterdam Oost making pretty and very decent pralines. Van Velze doesn’t pretend to be fancy and revolutionary and sticks to traditional style ganache fillings of very good quality. Definitely worth it!

Puccini Bomboni

Many people rave about Puccini’s bonbons. I don’t, they are far too big and massive for my liking. But they clearly do look good and have nice flavor combinations. Their bonbons are handmade in Amsterdam and are sold at three different locations in the city center.

Unlimited Delicious

Used to be a place to also look for unconventional pralines. That is much less the case right now. Still, their bonbons are well-made and worth a try. Then again, I find the flavors too timid, too much aiming at everybody’s convenience. But try their classic, the Rosemary-Sea-salt and you’ll see what they are capable of.

Patisserie Holtkamp

Pragmatic Dutch bonbons. Not impressive looking, but then tasting so much better than expected. Fine taste and very traditional flavor combinations. And be warned… you will have a hard time not also taking one of their many pastries along as soon as you enter their shop.

Madame Pompadour

You like the good old bonbon and don’t feel like trying those new-fashioned samples with stuff like Jalapeno (Metropolitan) or Rozemary seasalt (Unlimited delicious) flavors? Right. Nothing wrong with that. Just traditional, handmade, fine chocolates? Madame Pompadour might look like the ideal place for that. And it is indeed not bad, but I somehow prefer the classic flavored bonbons from Kuyt, Holtkamp, or Van Velze.

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