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Any tips on coloring chocolate, for chocolate truffles, using molds?

My wife Donna and I would like to get a little more creative with coloring our chocolate truffles, I have seen people using airbrushes, we would like some methods on how to use them, and where we could find a suitable airbrush (food safe), reasonably priced... Any recommendations on what coloring (brand) to use?

Thanks in advance for any feedback...

Jair :)

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Comment by cheebs on September 9, 2009 at 9:54am
Most of the color you see on colored chocolates is cocoa butter and not the chocolate itself, except for colored white chocolate. White chocolate can be colored either with colored cocoa butter or powdered, fat soluble colors.
I personally use Badger 250 airbrushes, which are very very cheap and easy to use. I have about 10 of them with different types of colored cocoa butter in them. Mostly I use the airbrushes to achieve a solid look, or for background fill.

Here's a very good egullet demo on how to use different techniques.
One thing I didn't like about that tutorial is that she uses a bare finger for painting on the ccb... personally I always use gloves.

As far as the brand of colors, I use mostly the stuff from Tomric and Chef Rubber.

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