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Is there a difference between the chocolate used for block and calets/pistoles?

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Comment by Jonathan Edelson on December 20, 2009 at 5:42pm
There is a _slight_ labeling difference between the Callebaut L6040-NV in blocks and callets.

The callets are have a dairy hechsher (kosher symbol), and at the end of the ingredients list is the phrase 'May contain milk.' The blocks have a pareve hechsher (meaning no dairy nor meat present) and do not have the milk warning.

I have never noticed a difference in the taste or working qualities of the chocolate from one form to the other, although I've never specifically looked for a difference. My assumption is that the differences between the two formats is caused by having molding lines shared with other products.

Comment by Clay Gordon on November 12, 2009 at 4:41pm

Some chocolatiers prefer to get their chocolate in blocks - often because they are so familiar working with the blocks from a particular manufacturer that they don't need to weigh out the chocolate. Just take a big block, break it into smaller pieces based on the mold divisions and start chopping.

Other chocolatiers prefer the convenience of pieces of uniform size that melt at a consistent rate and are easy to pour and weigh.

In either case, the chocolates used for both versions of the same product will be the same.

:: Clay

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