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Casa Luker Chocolate: Flavour description

Some people ask me about Casa Luker and flavours, I like to work with there chocolate but this is personal.

For me the tree couvertures with character are the:Tumaco 85%, Huila 85% and the very best Santander 85%.


Its difficult to compare with other brands I'm working with such as Amano, Pacari, Valrhona, Felchlin,...

I like to make my own melange for enrobing my chocolates (bonbons) and so I do for the Santander 85% wich I take 2/3 Santander and 1/3 of Macaé 62% Bresil, but again this is personal.


Just gif it a try and shoot as long you enjoying yourself.

Geert Vercruysse

With Francisco Javier Gomez - Gerente Negocios Internacionales of Casa Luker Colombia




Flavour description



Pronounced chocolate flavour with delightful sweet floral tones. Smooth in texture, melts in the mouth quickly.



The sweet tones in the chocolate harmonize perfectly with the delicate flavour of the cocoa. Smoothe with sweet fruity and citric notes and a hint of nuttiness.



A chocolate that seduces with its exotic flavour and soft acidic tones that complement the cocoa’s fruitiness. Delicate flavour with a fluid texture, a good balance between the typical bitterness of cocoa and sweet tones.



With pleasant milky notes, dark in color and with a defined chocolate flavour. The acidity of the chocolate and the creamy-milk notes in Noche complement each other perfectly. Smooth and balanced.  



Balanced chocolate with a good cocoa aroma, pleasant milky notes and sweet caramel-like tones. Mild chocolate flavour that lasts and a smooth texture that melts in the mouth.



Recognized for its typical light colour and milky vanilla aroma. Mild cocoa flavour, with sweet notes and a touch of vanilla. Smooth texture melts in the mouth easily.



Creamy chocolate, light in colour with a mild chocolate flavour and pronounces milky sweet notes and a touch of caramel. Smooth texture that melts in the mouth quickly. Ideal for products catered for children.



Embodies the exotic colour and escuisite flavour of chocolate made with 100% natural cocoa butter. Marked milky notes and mild cocoa notes typical of natural cocoa butter. It stands out for its high fluidity and its melt-in-the-mouth quality.








Flavour description


Dark Tumaco Origin 53%

Delicate flavour and aroma with delicate fruity and floral notes, and a subtle hint of bitterness that makes it ideal for those who enjoy mild chocolates.


Dark Tumaco Origin 65%

Delightfully balanced bittersweet flavour with defined cocoa notes, ideal for those who seek a balance of flavour and aroma in their chocolate.


Extra Dark Tumaco Origin 85%

A chocolate of exquisite character with a defined aroma, typical of Colombian cocoa. A vigorous bitter flavour and a subtle sweetness combined with floral and fruity notes to give the ultimate expression in Dark Chocolates.


Dark Huila  Origin 53%

An exotic chocolate with a mild aroma and fruit candy  flavour, with fruity, floral and acid notes associated to fruits of the forest.  


Dark Huila  Origin 65%

A chocolate with a sweet aroma and citric notes and a floral flavour, where the acidity combines  with the cocoa flavour for a simply delicious result.


Extra Dark Huila  Origin 85%

Huila 85% is characterised by its floral aroma with acid notes that blend deliciously with the fruity flavour and delicate cocoa notes.


Dark Santander  Origin 53%

A chocolate that leaves long-lasting sweet notes and spicy, woody flavours in the mouth.   


Dark Santander  Origin 65%

A fruity flavoured chocolate with a good bitter-sweet balance and spicy, woody notes.


Extra Dark Santander  Origin 85%

A chocolate with a defined Colombian FINO DE AROMA cocoa aroma with a predominant mild  cocoa flavour,  fruit notes and a mild level of acidity as a perfect accompaniment for the chocolate flavour.


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