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I would like to share this blog post:

Below were questions asked to me by Zy of The Filipino Lifestyle,  I like to share my answers here. Hobbyist in Focus: Pete Rahon was the title of the article. Excerpts were culled from my answers below.

1.    How did you get into blogging about chocolate?

I discovered and from there it reawakened my fond memory of eating my first chocolate cake that my aunt baked for me. I started  f repining all those beautiful photos of chocoIate cakes. Then I thought of blogging about chocolate. I thought of  pinoychocophile (Filipino lover of chocolate) for a name. I found out that unlike in other countries  that blog solely about chocolate, here in the country I believe I am the first blogger to blog only about chocolate. Some food bloggers do blog about chocolate but not their primary blogging niche.

2.     Did you plan to be a chocolate blogger from the start or was it just coincidence?

So it was not planned at all since I have several blogs already from personal to social issues. So this chocolate blog was a product of my interest of chocolate cakes. I am still in the process of developing it since even for  chocolate as a topic you can go as varied with your subtopics. For now I like to do reviews or tasting of those chocolates made by Filipino artisan chocolatiers ( like Theo and Philo and  Machiavelli among others) and also those other foreign commercial brandsbut  mostly dark chocolates (more than 60% cacao content) . But I would also like to write about the history and tradition of chocolate in the country like doing a review of the best  Tablea that are used to make hot chocolate drink. Since we have good producers from Batangas, Cebu and Davao. In line with that, I would like to visit cacao plantations and write about how they are grown and produced.  Also, There are also several restaurants that serves mostly chocolate in their menu like Heavenly Chocolate in Roces Avenue in Quezon City. So I would like to review also the chocolate food and drinks served in those restos.

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