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A good friend sent me the following note that I thought worth sharing:

"Never again will I buy decorations for my all girl chocolate martini parties! I was thrilled to find this chocolate ruffle making tool by Albert Uster Imports. I was going to be hosting one of my infamous soirees and really wanted to try my hand at making decorations because it adds more of a personal touch. I usually have pre-made decorations on hand, but they always seemed a little impersonal to me. So I went ahead and did a quick search and found the Professional Swiss Ruffle Maker “La Girolle” on their online store, along with one of the chocolate ruffle rolls. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to actually make these decorations, and was a little apprehensive when I saw that the item shipped!

Interestingly, in the meantime, I did a little research on this wacky wheel and discovered that the Girolle was originally used for cheese. The Girolle was conceived to simplify the scratching of the Swiss cheese in form of beautiful "rosettes," also called "Girolles". Since its invention in 1982 by Nicolas Crevoisier of Swiss Jura, more than 2 million users in households and restaurants have been enjoying the authentic method of how to create these amazing shapes with cheese. Imagine the brilliant person who parlayed this into chocolate!

I was able to create 100 unique and innovative decoration creations with one roll. They were a total hit with the gals. They looked absolutely fabulous my brand new martini glasses and tasted heavenly. I have to admit I went a little overboard with the chocolate-eating that night. I even got some of my sisters to try working the Girolle, and they loved it. It was easy and fun to operate! Plus, the chocolate roll which I purchased, the white and milk chocolate marbeled one, looked as good as it tasted. They do have a total of 8 rolls, some marbeled, some solid and one with a spherical design on the inside in all different flavors. The picture included is from their website, showing how it works on the wheell, and that is exactly how it worked at home. One decoration took me about 5 seconds to make and it looked gorgeous.

How to make the ruffles from the roll, you might ask yourself?’

I am going to play with more ideas as I keep using the rolls, and get back to you with anything new that I learn. It felt good to be able to actually use a professional chef’s tool at home and have the results be fantastic.

They have ‘La Girolle’ on sale right now, marked down from $81.84 to $49.00, which was a good deal for me."

So have you used a La Grirolle to make decorative ruffles? If so, let us know your reaction to this piece.

You can see an action series demonstrating the use of this wild tool by clicking here.


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Comment by Julie Andreacola on August 31, 2009 at 9:07pm
make 6 or 8 really full ruffles and group them together on top of chocolate mousse trifle like a big flower. We do this for one of the recipes I use in my Dove Chocolate Tasting parties. It's beautiful and very tasty!

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