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All winter long I've been experimenting with different ways to candy orange peel, mandarin peel, lemon slices including air drying them, dehydrating, rolling in sugar without candying.

It seems like there is a big need for candied peel as well as candied ginger, and that most of what people use or what you can buy in the store is imported.

I'll be taking pictures of my experiments but I'm curious for any who read this - would you have interest in great candied peel or candied citrus where you know the origin/growers of the fruit?

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Comment by SomeSayCocoa on January 8, 2010 at 3:32pm
Hi Susie,
I've only candied oranges successfully but not for large scale. I like the freshness of small batches but they do not hold their presentation well. Once rolled in sugar they really need to be used within a week. But the taste is soooo much better than store bought.
I've tried canding ginger too ... but the root ginger available here is just too stringy - I think it needs to be tender baby ginger which I've not seen in Ireland.

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