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Genetic diversity and spatial structure in a new distinct. Theobroma cacao L. population in Bolivia


Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) is an important economic crop in the Bolivian Amazon. Bolivian farmers both cultivate cacao, and extract fruits from wild stands in the Beni River region and in valleys of the Andes foothills. The germplasm group traditionally used is presently referred to as ‘‘Cacao Nacional Boliviano’’ (CNB). Using DNA fingerprinting technology based on microsatellite markers, we genotyped 164 Bolivian cacao acces- sions, including both cultivated and wild CNB accessions sampled from the Amazonian regions of La Paz and Beni, and compared their SSR profiles with 78 reference Forastero accessions from Amazo- nian cacao populations, including germplasm from the Ucayali region of Peru.

Authors: Dapeng Zhang • Windson July Mart ́ınez • Elizabeth S. Johnson • Eduardo Somarriba • Wilberth Phillips-Mora • Carlos Astorga • Sue Mischke • Lyndel W. Meinhardt

Download the full PDF from the World Cocoa Foundation web site.

In a related announcement, the wild beans of the Beni were analyzed and determined to be another distinct population in Bolivia.


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