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 We have started growing Cacao on our finca in the rain forest near the volcano Arenal in Costa Rica . We planted two trees and have started some from beans the we got from a pod . We had 100% of them sprout .Does anybody have any suggestions to aid in both the growth rate of the trees and also the yield . The first photo is of the pod .the second the beans in the pod  . the third the beans sprouting [ on the left cleaned - on the right - un - cleaned ] . the next is in pots and the last four days later transplanted into cow manure . As you can see they are growing very rapidly . Thank you - PEACE FROM THE JUNGLE!!!

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Comment by José Crespo on August 14, 2014 at 7:33pm

Beautiful pictures BTW.

Love the color of the soil! :)

Comment by José Crespo on August 14, 2014 at 7:31pm

If you want to make sure to have a good production, you should contact CATIE and ask for high yield and disease resistant hybrids. Not all trees grown by seed are auto-compatible and some may grow flowers and never produce fruits. There's variability also. If you have access to criollo variety seeds (white seeds) you can go ahead and plant via seeds since there's little or no variability. The other thing you can do is call CATIE and check which variety they recommend for rootstock, get seeds and plant the seedlings directly to your farm and perform grafting at a later time.

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